After 12 years in transformation and change related to cyber security and digitization in a big international corporation, I feel like I am needed at a different spot as well – like climate change or the future of our education system. Looking at the global situation, one can get the impression as if the world was falling apart. Nations become more and more polarized. The established structures make it hard for people to come together. We need different ways of collaboration to deal with the challenges of today and the future.

With my activities I want to do my bit. I believe in the potential of every human being. I want to use my skills, experience and intuition to guide individuals and organizations on their transformation journey and to create diverse and inclusive communities of action who are able to solve today‘s and tomorrow’s problems.


I bring people together based on a joint purpose to enable action. I create synergies between communities and pyramidal hierarchies to increase impact. I facilitate conflicts created naturally by opposing roles and opinions in diverse teams to create cohesion. I speak the unknown and sometimes unpleasant truth to identify blind spots and expand the comfort zone. I role model co-leadership to enable people to better collaborate with each other, both face to face and in virtual environments. I mentor and accompany individuals and teams to be fully empowered and take ownership of their life and environment.


Do you feel alone with your idea or think that your team is not pulling in one direction? Let’s unite the people based on a joint purpose.

Do you want to increase your impact in the world? Let’s amplify your ideas by bringing you together with the people you need for the change you wish to create.

Do you want to drive change and people refuse to follow you and adapt their behaviour? Let’s create a community of action.

Do you experience the same conflict over and over again? Let’s explore the polarities to unfold the process and increase your resilience. 

Are you curious?