Individual coaching

Coaching for me desribes a dialogue between two people that builds awareness, empowers choice and leads to change. It aims at helping the individual person to grow. The entry point for a coaching are usually challenging situations that can manifest themselves for example in relationships, body symptoms or dreams.


From my experience, coaching is the fastest and most effective way to tackle your own challenges. Since it is based on capacity building, there is no need for explaining all the details of your situation so that I can recommend the best solution to you. Instead my questions and my awareness will guide you on a journey of self discovery that will also enable you to tackle future challenges more easily. This is essential to tackle the challenges of the future. Artificial intelligence is going to disrupt our job market heavily. It will be essential to know what you are capable of. Also in an economy driven by purpose, each individuals awareness about the own contribution is essential to find out where you want to invest your energy.


In my work I am combining elements of my coaching education with elements of Processwork and Emergent Essence Dynamics. Based on the client’s needs I create an individual journey leading to an increased level of awareness and resilience. The entry point can either be something that bothers you, a question that’s on your mind – or something else. The more invested you are in the topic, the bigger the potential learning. My sessions usually are about 1 hour. We can work either in person or on the phone, scheduled or unscheduled.

I always enjoy these moments when individual coachings happen without being scheduled. Like once when I met a colleague for coffee and she wanted to consult me on a specific challenge at work. I asked her: “Do you want me to listen and tell you my opinion? Or do you want to get deeper into the conflict behind the challenge and try to resolve it?” She chose the second option. We started alone in the outside area of the restaurant and ended up in a very deep conversation helping her to understand the message of the conflict. She was able to grow into a new identity with an increased resilience and range of options to tackle her work challenge.

Fellowship example – Individual coaching