Identify purpose

Purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. It has to be logically understandable and actionable, as well as emotionally appealing for those who shall contribute.


Knowing the purpose of your idea or the strategic change you are trying to bring is essential if you want people to voluntarily join or support your activities. Based on this WHY, people can check if it is worth spending their time and effort with you in the project or community. Conducting a purpose discovery workshop is an easy way to identify the reasons of your endeavour. This can be done either for new or already ongoing activities, virtually or face to face.


The approach for identifying the purpose depends on the size and the maturity of the respective group. For my work I am combining Simon Sinek‘s approach on „Find your Why“ with process work and my own experience. There are a few prerequisites for me that need to be given. In a very hierarchical organization, from my point of view, investing a lot of effort into identifying the purpose is not worth the effort. It does take full effect once the people have the freedom to decide for which purpose they want to get active. It is then essential that the individuals also have more clarity on their own, individual purpose. Such an individual discovery can be achieved with the support of individual coaching.

In a half day virtual workshop, I have facilitated a purpose discovery for the self organized community unLEANmited in Berlin. Based on stories of their most meaningful moments in the project, they have identified their purpose statement. This was an important step towards clarity regarding their identity and focus. And it helped them to better communicate about their activities towards management and potential members.

Fellowship example – purpose discovery for unLEANmited