Co-create with me

Co-creation describes a model of leadership which involves collaboration towards a common goal. It describes a two-way, open and dialectical process of interaction, collaboration and knowledge sharing between stakeholders, whereby the participating parties engage in a dialogue to jointly define and solve problems in a shared distributive environment.


For some challenges you need more than just your own capabilities and ideas. It might make sense to collaborate with other people bringing in their unique capabilities so that together you can turn the challenge into an opportunity. And sometimes it might just be easier if you have someone at your side who encourages you to continue your path.


A true co-creation requires a mode of collaboration where every participant can bring in the full self – without judgement. Based on an intention and with an open will, the co-creating parties activate their full creative potential to create a solution.

Together with two of my colleagues, I have co-created a transformation pop up week within our company. Within six weeks, a self organized core team was able to provide a platform for more than 100 sessions that were offered locally and virtually within one week to shape the future of our company. This was only possible thanks to an attitude of co-creation within the team. Instead of discussing and judging, everyone contributed his/her best.

Fellowship example – #FacesOfTransformation movement