The princess and the climate daydream – a fairytale about climate repair

Once upon a time there was a young princess. She was lying in a meadow, looking into the sky, daydreaming of the future. She had a big dream in her life. She wanted to rescue the planet. To recreate what has been damaged by mankind. Climate repair was her big hope. Radical technological innovations to tackle the radical problems on Earth. Hopeless or long overdue?

But she was afraid of the path that was lying in front of her. What opponents would she face on that journey? 

Hopelessness was the first one to join her. “It‘s way too late. The tipping point is long over. It is not going to be helpful.”

When the princess answered, “Yes, it might be hopeless – but at least someone has to start – at least I have to do something!”, there was a little moment of understanding.

Perhaps this invited some other friends to join their conversation. The scientists and corporates joined the princess on her side. Advocating the need for action. Carbon neutrality won’t be enough. Big problems need big answers. 

And on the other side, the technology skeptic appeared. “Technology was the reason why the damage had been created in the first place. And now even bigger and very invasive technology is supposed to be used. Why so big? Why not prototyping on a small scale?”

And then the mistrust entered the dialogue. “Big corporations created the damage in the first place. And now they claim to be ‘god’ saving the planet. And all of this to create even more profit out of it? Where is the credibility? I don’t believe you. Why should we start with climate repair when you don’t even try to be climate neutral. Your staff is still flying around the planet. Stop that first – then we can talk.”

Both of them were joined by the ignorant or perhaps the unknowing. The one who didn‘t want to or perhaps who wasn’t able to understand all the stuff. “All the numbers. I don’t understand all these numbers. I don’t even know my own contribution to the whole disaster. I don’t want to, I can’t even take responsibility for it.”

And the princess answered: “Why should I take over the responsibility for you? You, take care of it yourself.” 

And then the pressure put on the ignorant became all of a sudden unbearable.

And all of that happened with peace standing at the side, looking at the conversation without engaging. It came with a message too silent to be heard. “Look for the peace inside of you. The answer is not in technology or emotions. It is inside every one of us.”

And all of a sudden, the princess woke up, ending her dream – smiling – realizing that she was not a princess at all. She was a strong leader, a powerful and loving queen fully capable of making her dream come true. All she needs to do is to become visible for it – walk the talk. She herself. No scientist. No corporations. No anything. Just her! And the others will follow.

This story is a result of one of the meetups of “The Cool Spot – Conflict Transformation and World Work Munich” – a group for all of you who want to understand more about the value of conflict and want to contribute to creating a spot of mutual understanding. In our meetups, we continuously work on conflictual topics to build community based on diversity. Everyone is welcome – with or without conflict work experience, with or without topics to work on.

The article was originally published on LinkedIn.

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